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RELX NZ is your online source for advanced vaping requirements. With the most modern production technologies, presenting you with innovative devices. RELX products combine user-friendly designs with cutting edge technology to provide you with the best vaping experience.

Smoothness, Engineered with Precision.

RELX Super Smooth™ sets the bar for our product performance and was developed by a team of over 100 R&D scientists from the RELX Lab. Through 76 sensory tests and adjustments, we quantified smoothness by measuring 5 performance indicators.

RELX Super Smooth

Experience matters.

Our team of engineers is dedicated to redefining the vaping experience, and we are only at the start of our journey. Through research, science, and expert engineering, we strive for perfection. Our focus on the user experience led us to recognize the significance of mouthfeel. This recognition prompted the development of our performance standard, RELX Super Smooth™.

RELX Experts

The Engineering Process

RELX's research and development teams meticulously crafted Super Smooth™ through 76 sensory tests and hours of refinement. We distilled the results into five key indicators to create the smoothest possible vaping experience.

Though uncomplicated, the advantages are unparalleled. Our devices guarantee a Super Smooth™ experience from the initial to the final inhalation.

RELX Engineering Process

From The Lab to Reality

Transitioning from design to production demands a scrupulous approach to ensure seamless integration. At RELX, our designers work in tandem with our manufacturing teams, as we firmly believe that impeccable craftsmanship is essential from conception to completion. The key to outstanding product reliability lies in a seamless development process and stable control procedures.

RELX Premier Quality

Quality Control

To ensure quality throughout our processes, RELX established and developed the RELX Standard. We referred to 30 rigorous standards and devised tests that are more comprehensive and stringent.

Even in regions where quality standards are not mandatory or regulated, we maintain our uncompromising level of quality. Our team of quality experts consistently establishes and enforces rigorous product requirements for our manufacturers and suppliers.

RELX Strict Quality Control