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RELX’s Commitment to Investing in Innovation

At RELX, product innovation and development are essential in our mission to create high-quality e-cigarette products that set the bar higher. This is in line with our mission to empower adult smokers through technology, product and science, ethically. To achieve our mission, RELX has invested significantly in its people, R&D, laboratory, and production. RELX R&D professionals have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical, FMCG and technology industries. RELX’s great investment and innovation has led to us producing six original devices in just one year and filing over 400 patents in two years. To date, RELX has spent over USD 17 million on our R&D efforts.

International R&D Experts


Hiring experts with backgrounds in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, and technology industries has been integral in developing high-quality vaping products and innovations at a fast pace. RELX has hired R&D experts from around the world with backgrounds in a wide range of companies – including L’Oréal, Mercedes Benz, Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, and Uber --  to develop high quality e-cigarette products that set the bar higher. “Our talent is our most important investment. Without the right people, we would not have been able to go this far so quickly,” said RELX Founder and CEO Kate Wang.

400+ Patents in Just Two Years


RELX has filed more than 400 patents – 54% of which are innovation patents – the largest number of any independent vape brand based in China. The patents cover a wide variety of vape technologies, including design, atomization, e-liquid formulation, electricity management, e-liquid pods, and wireless charging cases. 

“Our commitment to our investment in developing new e-cigarette technologies demonstrates our ability to push the industry forward and bring existing adult smokers and vapers the best possible products,” said Chen Chen, RELX Technology Chief Product Officer. “One of our proudest achievements has been the development of a temperature control component that solves the problem of cracks forming in e-liquid pods that are caused by overheating. This issue has been a problem the industry has struggled with for many years and we are proud to have finally solved it.”


Reliability and Quality


Adult smokers and vapers should feel comfortable knowing the products they are purchasing are of the highest quality. That is why RELX has invested over USD 3 million in the establishment of the first CNAS- standard lab owned by an independent e-cigarette brand. The lab applies the most stringent industry standards in the world to test the reliability and quality of all RELX devices and e-liquids.   RELX’s high-quality standards has led the company to responsibly discard 2 million e-liquid pods in 2019.


 “A company can only innovate and iterate at a fast pace if it is committed to its R&D,” said Kate, “We will continue to spend heavily on our people and technology in order to continuously develop the best e-cigarette products possible.”




*CNAS: China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessments