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Mellow Melody (Rock melon) 35mg
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A single pod use with RELX Infinity & RELX Essential Device.

From the classic to the novel, We've various flavours for you to choose from. Whether you prefer the rich, smoky aroma of Rich Tobacco, the refreshing zest of Menthol Plus, the crisp scent of Garden's Heart, or the juicy tropical flavour of Golden Slice, RELX has a flavour for you. 

We are updating our pod packaging to comply with the new regulations, however, the great taste and e-liquid formula remain unchanged. 

Mellow Melody (Rock Melon)


“Sweet, luscious ROCK MELON flavour for all day freshness.”

#What’s special

The Infinity Mellow Melody is the perfect replica of the Classic Rock Melon flavour, delivering a lingering sweetness across your taste buds with an added cool breeze. This is the fruity flavour that everyone loves over and over again.

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