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RELX Oceania Limited Warranty

Products Covered

Vaping Device

The warranty period for vaping devices purchased from is one year from the date of purchase. A replacement device assumes the remainder of the warranty period of the original device.

Procedure for Filing Warranty Claim

Valid claims can be filed by emailing the RELX Oceania at

All warranty claims must be supported with proof of purchase, failing which the entire claim will be voided.

RELX Oceania reserves the right to request additional details about the relevant device or product, including photos and videos.

RELX Oceania reserves the right to initiate device repair procedures to restore function before approving a product exchange or refund.

RELX Oceania will replace either a product or a Store Credit at no charge if a valid claim under this limited warranty is received within the warranty period. 

**This Limited Warranty is NOT transferable to subsequent purchases


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